Our Own Brand Introduction

Traninformation of modern fashion classics, development of Chinese Traditional Culture, and to make the most of creatives and art of the philosophy of life from the traditional family instructions “Di Zi Gui”,are the ideals that we pursuit.

Original Brand:

“Jinhe” ---- was created in 2011. Insisting on the original idea design, we have been endeavouring in the works to combine elements of Chinese traditional culture with modern fashionable trends, and to merge the beauty of both into our daily life.  The design core of our brand is “to seek the nature and truth in low-key simplicity, and to follow the frontal pace in fashion trend”, to highlight historical cultural charm and the modern fashionable taste. We are bold in making innovatives, breaking
rules, to create unique taste of bags brands of Chinese style in fashion.

We are open-minded in ideas, to create space for depth cultural exchange as an cultural ambassador, and to step forward to the goal of an international cultural enterprise group. To develop and promote Chinese traditional cultures, aggressive and with keen determination, with continuous creatives, dare to be the antecedent of industry, to bring our Chinese cultures to the international stage!

More than culture:

About creative, about fashion, we have been sharing!
 Roaming between the long historical corridor of Chinese cultural arts and the modern oriental fashion,
Discovering all the natures are sublimated from transcendence and Disintegration,
 There seems to have a belief throughout art, life, seoul, everything, and everything that we know………
 We are just a transmitter……….