Corporate Culture

We learn from the essence of Confucianism and Buddhism, and adopt the “Di Zi Gui”culture as the core, supplemented by the culture of Buddism, in order that we can nurture talents with high competence and noble integrity, and build up an enterprise with sense of social responsibility.
1) To manage our enterprise by Morality, to pursuit a life in the realm of Truth, Goodness and Beauty:
Truth, Goodnss and Beauty are the basic personality that we expect our members to have. Truth means that we have to be sincere, in no way should we be hypocritical, nor deliberately conscienceless. Goodness is to require people that not only we are not allowed to do harm to others, but also we have to do good to others and to the society, expecting no return of reward , benefit or reputation. Beauty is that we expect each of us to be a “beautiful”person by helpful and bringing happinness to others. To achieve Truth, Goodness and Beauty our members should implement and practice what they have learned. Be a kind-hearted and sincere person, do kind things and true things, be a person to bring happiness to people, do things to bring happiness to people, and create something to bring happiness to people. The end target is to nurture our members to become a person beneficial to people and society with a great sense in social responsibility.

2) “Di Zi Gui” Confucianism culture oriented
Filial Piety and Fraternity is the foundation of Chinese traditional culture. Filial piety is the most important of all virtues. If one is filial and reverent, he will be kind-hearted and will think of other people’s interest. “Di Zi Gui”was written by a scholar of Qing Dynasty, contents of which were implied from Confucian classics “The Analects”where Confucius said, “A student should be filial to parents and the elderly, loves and cares his brothers and friends, wherever at home and in society. He should be careful in deeds and faithful in words. Universally cherishing all of humanity, he should draw close to those who are benevolent. When he has effort to spare, after accomplishment of the above behaviours, he should learn literature and knowledge”. From these confucious’teachings, “Di Zi Gui”was further developed as basic norms for our life behaviours, asking us to respect and be filial to our parents, love and care our brothers and sisters, to be careful in behavious, to honour our words, to treat all people with equal love, and get along with those with noble morality and to learn from them.  All these behavious are the roots of being a person which we must learn and practice.  After accomplishment of these good behavious, if you still have spare efforts, then you should also learn and study all kinds of classics and other knowledge. 

From a point driving to a line, and from a line driving to a surface, our teaching of culture to staffs is a top-down transmission, both by words and deeds. Through trainings and assessment actitivies learning of different natures in the past 9 years in the development of “Di Zi Gui”spirits, we have achieved initial results, with great change found in the thoughts and behavious of our members.

3) “Competence considered as for work, but morality considered as basic for being a person ”being our employment philosophy
  The basic criteria of selection of employees are that they are both good at competence and noble in morality. In the relationship between competence and morality, we insist on morality as priority. In selection of employees, we think highly of studying their moral thoughts, and then employ according to their talents. We will make advantage of what they are good at, and put them in the proper position. In cultivation of talents, we arrange big resources and specific training plans, invite professionals and consultants to train our people so as to upgrade their professional knowledge and skill levels. Through these trainings, we expect to nurture them to build up a healthy, scientific and civilized lifestyle.

4) People-orientation, to build our “Three GOOD team”:
People-orientation is the management concept of our company. Strong democratic decisive atmosphere is formed in our company.  Top management think highly of the opionions and suggestions made from the staffs, and we respect very much the initiative exerted by the staffs.  We are broad-minded in management style, emphasizing to persuade people with morality. Through the construction of corporate culture, we try to build up a THREE GOOD team which “think good, say good and do good”, and step by step unite the thoughts of our members to the Truth, Goodness and Beauty direction, and let them be a member of the society with strong sense of social responsibility。The team of volunteers , self- organized by our staffs, helped those in need and difficulty, has done some works for social charity in the past years. This is perhaps the witness of initial success made from our corporate culture training so far.
5)  “Three BENEFICIAL industry” being our corporate targeted strategy.
“Three BENEFICIAL” means that it is beneficial to employees, beneficial to customers and beneficial to our shareholders, and finally beneficial to the whole society, so as to succeed in a business of persistently running, and finally come up to a win-win situation in both social and economy effect. To construct our enterprise with Three BENEFICIAL targeted strategy illustrates fully that we have strong sense in social responsibility and mission, and shows that we are confident and determined to nurture our employees to become a citizen with sense of social responsibility.

Corporate vision:   culture transmission, forever running;
Business philosophy: to nurture talents with money, and money generated by talents;
Business ideal:     Sincere and whole-hearted, to create together, your dream and my dream will finally come true;
Principles and policies: Home-based, Customers First, Market-oriented, Service foremost
Business attitude:     Trembling with fear, as if treading on thin ice; Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living
Corporate spirit:      Sincereship, to serve everyone, near or far, love each other